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If you love reading books then you can write for us. We are a blog about books and it has everything related to books. If you have read a great book and want to share your experience with our readers then you can do so. You can give us your pick of best science fiction or other categories of books. You can talk about the best-sellers and write a review of a particular book. You can also write about the release of new books. We encourage you to write about the popular authors and the books they have written. So, you can write about anything related to the book on our site.


You will get a chance to express your opinion about a book or share your experience of reading books. You can get experience as a writer and learn new writing techniques from our experienced writers. You will get a chance to earn extra money. You can redirect our readers to your site as well.


Our target audiences are readers of any age. So, you should write in a way that everyone understands You should avoid using any technical terms.You should write original articles and the word limit is 1,500 words. Make sure your article is well structured. You should use small paragraphs and use lists or bullets when necessary.

Our team will go through your writing and make small changes if necessary. We will let you know about our decision to publish the article within 14 days of submission. Good luck with your writing!

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