What Is The Best Bed For People Who Love Reading In Bed?

If you are a book lover who takes your novels to the bedroom there are a few things you need to know for the best experience at the bed.

The first point you must keep in mind is that different mattresses are designed for specific use. There are those specifically designed for couples, back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers. Equally, there are mattresses designed with a book lover in mind. Using the wrong type of mattress may break your day.

So when looking for a good mattress for book lovers, then it must feature the following attributes:

  • Good bounce
  • Edge support
  • Responsive
  • Less noise
  • Comfort

Responsiveness: this relates to how fast the mattress responds to your body as you move around. Actually, when reading in bed you tend to move a lot trying to find the most comfortable position.

Therefore, the best mattress should be able to adjust rapidly to your movements to keep you fully supported and sitting on a stable surface. A mattress with slow response may feel uncomfortable and this may reduce your level of concentration to your story.

Good bounce: bounce and responsiveness are commonly used together, however, bounce relates to the feel of the mattress when it is compressed. A good reading mattress for reading should rebound when compressed rather than just absorbing the impact. This is beneficial particularly when you change positions on your bed.

Edge support: many reading positions on bed require you to sit on the edge of the bed. Due to the weight applied to the edges, a good mattress should be able to support your weight and pressure on the mattress edge, for instance, murphy beds.

Comfort: While reading you need to feel comfortable no matter what position you sit. So the best mattress is one that does not create pressure points on your body in any position you choose. Pressure points could limit your interest and the amount of time you want to keep reading.

Noise level: reading requires a quiet environment. Some mattresses are very loud and any slight movement creates some noise that creates unwanted attention thus distracting your concentration. A good reading mattress should be able to keep noise to a minimum so that you can concentrate and internalize whatever you are reading.

Now that you have known what features to guide you when making your purchase. It is also important that I get you started with some of the best choices.

However, my top picks are a reflection of my own preferences although they are among the best on the market, they are meant to give you an idea of things you will be looking forward to.

  • For an innerspring mattress, the Winkbeds are ideal: WinkBeds
  • For memory foam mattresses; the Loam-Leaf is fine
  • For latex mattresses, the Brooklyn Bedding is ideal
  • For pressure relief: the Purple Mattress is ideal
  • For Hybrid, the Nest Bedding Alexander is a good choice
  • And for couples; the Helix is great


The best mattress for people who love reading in bed is characterized with; good response, bounce, comfort, edge support, and less noise. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any mattress type from my selection above provided it meets most of the required attributes. All the best as you make the best choice.

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