4 Interesting Books About Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping lately? Then there are some books that can help you overcome your sleeping problem. Here are some interesting books that you can read about sleep.

The Sleepwatchers

By – William Dement

This book is written by an expert in the field of sleep. Hep founded the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and has been the president of American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He has the best knowledge about sleep and you will find about his years of research on sleep in this book.

The Mind at Night

By – Andrea Rock

Here you will know why people dream and why. You will learn about the science of dreams. You will know why sometimes we feel dreams very intensely.

Sleep Smarter

By – Shawn Stevenson

This book will help you to improve the quality of your sleep. You will get lots of tips on how to sleep well. These may include recommended supplements before bed or type of clothes to wear, etc.

Say Good Night to Insomnia

By – Gregg D. Jacobs, Ph.D

The author is an insomnia specialist at the Umass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester. If you are suffering from sleep deprivation and don’t want to take any sleep medicine then you must read this book. After reading the book, you will be able to sleep well without any sleeping pills.

Sleep is a big problem for many people. Those who suffer from insomnia find it difficult to concentrate on their works and their health starts deteriorating day by day. These books will help you to learn more about sleep and how to sleep well.

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