Are you a bookworm? Then you have come to the right place. I’m a teacher by profession and I love reading books. I have started reading books since I was six years old. Reading books is my favorite pass time. I read all kinds of books.

By reading books I’ve learned a lot about this world, people’s lives, and things that were unknown to me. I love reading about how a murder case is solved or how someone falls in love. Science fiction is also my favorite. I love reading a biography of famous people and how they have achieved so much in life. I even like books that teach you new things like cookbooks or books on playing guitar.

There is no boundary to learning. Each book can teach you something new. You will get a fresher perspective on the world by reading books. It is a healthy habit as well. You can get rid of all your stress by reading a book. In this blog, you will find reviews of recommended books on various topics. You will also find interesting articles about books. Hope you will visit our site and start reading lots of books.

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